CMM Inspection & Measurement Services

At LVS Quality Measurement Services Limited, our CMM inspection services includes two key specialities:
• Contact Measurement
• Non-Contact Measurement

Contact Measurement:

Utilising state of the art CMM Inspection Software, we are able to accurately measure any type of components, down to 1µ.

Our current CNC CMM uses a contact probe system that gives repeatable and accurate dimensional results every time.
With a working envelope of 500mm x 700mm x 400mm, our CNC CMM is the ideal tool for measurement of a huge variety and size of components.

CAD Models can be uploaded onto the system and parts aligned to the respective CAD models. This allows us to give accurate geometry results of any component to the nominal CAD models.

Digital scanning of components (Digitizing) is another option that we can provide. We can create an IGES 2D model of any feature for comparison to any CAD software package.

With a large selection of contact probes and extensions at our disposal, LVS QMS has access to a huge range of configurations that can allow dimensional inspection of even highly complex components.

Add to that our current selection of manual inspection equipment and LVS QMS has the complete set up for all of your Contact measurement / metrology needs.

Non-Contact Measurement:

LVS QMS Ltd has at its disposal a full HD Vision System for all non-contact measurement requirements.
With its built in software, we can measure down to 1µ, without touching the components.
Once the image has been captured by the system, the software can then be used, to measure:
• Length
• Diameters
• Radius
• Angle
• Visual Aspects (surface marking, pitting, scratches, flash etc.)
All results and images are saved as .PNG or .JPEG files.
Image mark up, and the ability to change the actual light factors of the image are also characteristics of this service.